Our story

Family of jewelers – father and his two sons – started their adventure sought to promote intangible cultural heritage as well as unique properties and beauty of local raw

materials. Their hard work, passion, and skills allowed them to re-imagine new shapes and objects, which transformed a family-owned jewelry production site into Kopar.

Creating jewelry thought them focus, consideration, and precision. Now every Kopar piece is made meticulously as a result of sincere respect for the noblest crafting traditions, countless hours of skilled hard-work as well as profound experience and expertise shared between generations.

Today Kopar draws on its heritage encompassing not solely creative inspiration and technical skills coming from jewelry making, but above all, artistic knowledge to continuously improve and perpetuate the uniqueness, refinement, and intrinsic charm of brass and copper.




Our team of dedicated and daring professionals combine centuries-old crafting traditions with modern production techniques.


Blessed with the most profound skills and expertise in the setting and choosing the right material pieces for processing, today Kopar artisans add the special magic to each artifact from brass and copper, asserting their unfailing excellence and unmatched elegance.