A series of beautifully handcrafted design pieces with a special metal ageing finish, destined to create a great visual impact in any interior space.

Caressed by Time

Extensive knowledge and love for the material and its expressive potentialities, as well as great creativity and continuous technological research are imperative to forge a true metal work-of-art to adorn any space. Our bespoke antique metal finish is achieved through sensitive, controlled, and measured application of materials to metals that accelerates the natural ageing process.

Caressed by Time – beautifully handcrafted finish, enveloping the raw metal with a vintage rustic charm. The metal is declined in infinite nuances to embellish any place and follow each time a different mood.

Table bases

Great selection of kopar. table bases can be fixed easily to a variety of tabletops. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, height options and different colour alternatives You are sure to find a design that will match the look You are trying to achieve: a Low Table, Coffee table, Dining Table, or even a Conference and Meeting table.


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